Party Tips


We want your group outing to be a blast! Let us give you a few helpful party tips to make your next event even better! If you have any questions about any of the following information give us a call.paintball minnesota outdoor parkLooking for a paintball discount? Want to save some money? Save when you select our prepay option and pay ahead of time for your paintball event!


Save Time! Sign Waivers Online

Once your online paintball reservation has completed, you will receive an email confirmation. A link to our online waiver system is in the details section. All waivers signed through this link will automatically be grouped under your reservation name. Forward or copy the waiver link to other players or parents in the party to make the check in process fast and easy.


Note: All players must fill out safety waivers. Waiver kiosks are available at the facility. Players under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign safety waiver in order to play.

What to Wear

We recommend dressing for the weather. Wear a few layers of clothing to cover skin. Any long sleeve (t-shirt or sweatshirt) apparel and long pants (jeans or sweatpants) are optimal for outdoor play. Players might want to wear dark clothing to hide better. Also, be sure to wear sturdy footwear to run around the playing fields. We provide a full face protective mask for each player. Paintballs used at Action Packed are water soluble and will wash out of clothing.
Note: Check out our coveralls to help keep the inside of your vehicle clean or bring clothes to change into afterwards (Lockers available for rent).

Food and Party Space

Outdoor-paintball-games-party-areaWe have picnic tables available at our park for any group to use. Feel free to bring food and non alcoholic beverages for your event! Guests often order or bring pizza, cake, snacks and drinks. Concessions are also available at the check in area.

Spectators will find that our tables have a great view of multiple playing fields. This is perfect for those who would rather watch the action or take photos from the sidelines.

BBQ Grills

outdoor_park_grillIf you’re making a day of it, feel free to use our complimentary charcoal BBQ grills. There is no charge. Whether it’s burgers, hotdogs, or even a steak, our grills are a great way to enjoy a day of paintball with your friends and family. Just don’t forget to bring your own charcoal and cooking supplies.

Indoor Restrooms

Indoor Paintball RestroomsRestrooms aren’t commonly mentioned at paintball parks however it’s something worth noting. Our facility is one of the only outdoor paintball fields in Minnesota to offer separate indoor restrooms. Although our paintballs are water soluble and will wash out of clothing we suggest keeping your vehicle clean by bringing clothes to change into afterwards (Lockers available for rent).

Paved Parking

Another amenity you might not think about is paved parking. Action Packed Paintball GamesAction Packed is the only outdoor paintball field in MN that doesn’t have a gravel or dirt parking area. Our facility features a fully paved and lit parking lot, conveniently located right next to party pavilions and picnic areas.

What to Bring

For additional protection we recommend bringing sunscreen and bugspray! Oh and bring your friends and family! It’s more fun to play against more people! Otherwise we have everything you need!

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call!