MN Paintball Prices

Smoke-grenade-appgAction Packed Paintball Games in Jordan MN is the ultimate outdoor paintball park in MN! Action Packed Paintball offers multiple paintball packages, options and upgrades. Playing paintball at our paintball park is easy, exciting and fun! We keep it simple and focus on providing the best paintball experience for everyone! Parties may either save by making a reservation for their event or simply walk in and play any day we are open!

Paintball Pricing

Save money and time by booking your paintball event online! Booking ahead lets you save money, guarantee paintball gear and space for your party! Paintball reservations are all per person (minimum two) starting as low as $25 per paintball player! Reservations are first come first serve. Want to just walk and play? No problem, walk in packages start at $34 per player at the door.

Fun paintball GamesIndividual Packages Include: 

  • Admission, rental paintball gun setup (marker, tank and loader), protective mask and 100 paintballs per person!

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*Note: If you would like to enhance your experience you may do so with any of our upgrades at the door! Players may also purchase more ammo and continue to play.

Private Party Reservations

Want to play with just your group? We can do that! The private option allows groups/ parties to play each other without other players mixing in. All of the party’s games will be private. We will rotate you and your group on and off the field, alternating with our general admission players. This is a great option for team building events, large school functions,and even small birthday parties.

family paintball outingPackage includes admission for up to 10 players, rental equipment (protective mask and rental paintball gun), private field rotation and 2,000 paintballs for ONLY $500 + tax (Total value of $630). Available everyday (Subject to availability).

Must prepay at time of booking. 2 hour time limit. Additional guests (after 10) may join at $25 at the door. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of desired play time. 

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*If you don’t see the time you are looking for please give us a call at (952) 492-6776!

Paintball Certificates

Looking for an awesome gift idea? Booking a party but don’t want to pick up the whole bill? Discount paintball tickets are a great option!

To redeem one person makes a reservation for the whole group and have each person purchase their own discount tickets online.


Mixing With The Crowd

paintball playersIf you do not choose the private field option, your group may be mixed in with other players based on age and or skill level (Example: a birthday party will never play against a bachelor party). We think playing against more people is more fun but if you wish to choose the private option you may select to do so when booking a reservation online.

upgraded paintball gun price

Be the top shot! Upgrade your paintball marker when you check in! This electronic paintball gun is lightweight and more accurate.

This upgrade is perfect for bachelor/ bachelorette parties and team building events!

rambo paintball package price MN

Go commando! Upgrade your paintball experience with this package! Combo includes a tactical vest, combat gloves and a paint grenade!

Awesome for birthday parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties and family events!

paintball grenade prices

Provide support! Eliminate players with paint grenades or generate a fog screen with smoke grenades!

Great option to create chaos for birthday parties and Bachelor parties!

paintball pricing MN

Keep playing for as long as you would like! That’s right, there is no time limit with any package players choose.

Extra paintballs are sold separately in 100 or 500 round counts. Ammo up with 100 rounds or get more BANG for your buck and share a bag of 500 rounds!

Looking for a paintball deal? Have a special occasion coming up? Let us make it more memorable for you and your party! Check out our paintball specials before you book! Ready to schedule your party? Still have questions? Give us a call at 952-492-6776 for more information.