Action Packed Paintball Games Season Opener

Action Packed Paintball Opener

We are happy to announce Action Packed Paintball Games is open for the season! Join the outdoor fun this year with all of our new improvements! Our paintball park is ready to show you and your group a better time than ever before! New amenities include an all new online reservation system, price discounts, party tables, updated spectator areas, new rental equipment, new fields and low impact paintball! Experience paintball the way it was meant to be… FUN! Take the “pain” out of “paintball” with our new Low-Impact Paintball rental equipment option!

Playing is easier than ever with online scheduling and booking. Schedule your event online and save money today or walk in on the weekends Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM or Sunday Noon to 6 PM! If you have your own gear check out Gun Owner Hours from 2 PM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Our pricing is now more competitive than ever! Play more paintball by taking advantage of our new pricing structure. Money saving options are available both online and on-site. Action Packed now offers high-tech electronic paintball gun rental packages for less than competitors. Players may also upgrade their experience with smoke and paint grenades for a small fee!

Having a paintball party is now more comfortable than ever at our location. Relax during or after play at more picnic tables and shaded areas on the premises. Tables are now closer to the action for spectators and groups waiting for their turn. Groups may still tailor their party to their liking by catering or simply bringing in pizza, cake, non-alcoholic drinks and more!

Playing the same old field gets old so we built three new fields this year! Guess what, we’re not done either! Experience the video game-like paintball fields by playing behind ammo crates, ammunition boxes, buildings, towers, barrels and more! Choose from multiple woodsball fields, Ammunition, The Town, Air Ball, Speedball and more!

We have everything you need to play paintball and more! Play paintball the way it is meant to be played with low-impact paintballs! We now carry two different types of rental markers that are specifically engineered to shoot smaller paint balls that don’t hurt like a traditional paintball. This way to play is the future of paintball and super fun!

New, Improved and Ready For You

Make your weekdays or weekends memorable by upgrading your experience with new rental equipment, add-ons, smoke and paint grenades and more! Get the best outdoor paintball experience right here at Action Packed Paintball Games! Follow us on our Facebook Page for more information, pictures, discounts and events.