Insider’s Guide To Paintball

Are you new to paintball and looking to learn more about it? Our insider's guide to paintball will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the game and Minnesota paintball in general. Where To Play Paintball In Minnesota There are dozens of places to play…

8 years ago

Jobs at ActionPacked Paintball

Paintball Jobs at Action Packed Paintball Are you looking for a job near the Twin Cities? Do you like to work outdoors? Maybe a outdoor paintball job is perfect for you! We are interested in hiring friendly, dependable and hard working individuals to create the best paintball experience for all…

9 years ago

Season Opening – April 11th

Action Packed Outdoor Paintball Games will be re-opening April 11th 2015! We are excited to launch new pricing, gear, fields, maps, hours, party areas and more! Action Packed Paintball strives to provide the best outdoor paintball experience for every player; that is why we are also proud to announce our…

9 years ago

Winter Paintball

Want to play winter paintball? Want to play paintball outside? Why play outside in the wet and cold when you can play paintball indoors? Playing paintball outside in the winter is no fun. Paintballs don't shoot straight, rental equipment freezes up and goggles fog up. Good news is Action Packed…

9 years ago

Private Paintball Party and Spectating Areas

    Action Packed Paintball Games wants you to be comfortable when you visit our Paintball Minnesota park. We have every accommodation to ensure your paintball party is pleasant both on and off of the paintball field.  We offer the nicest staging areas around our facility. Have your choice from…

9 years ago

Cool Action Packed Paintball Fields

     Looking for the ultimate paintball experience? Trying to find the best paintball MN field?   Action Packed Paintball in Jordan Minnesota is rated #1 for cool paintball fields! Get the ultimate paintball rush on any one of our tactical, scenario, inflatable, close quarters or urban warfare paintball fields. Paintball…

9 years ago

PSP Rule Changes for 2015

PSP Rule Changes for the upcoming 2015 PSP Season! "These PSP rule changes, limited to the Pro Champions and Challengers fields, include elimination of spectator communication to players, field layouts released on-site at each event, and using guns in semi-auto mode.  The combination will highlight each player’s and team’s creativity, understanding…

9 years ago

Indoor Paintball Locations in MN

Air Assault Paintball 155 Eaton Street  |   St. Paul, MN 55107   |   (651) 222-0300 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Splatball 2921 N 2nd Street   |   Minneapolis, MN 55411   |   (612) 378-0385

9 years ago

Aerial Urban Combat Video at Action Packed Paintball

Post by Tom Daymont. Thank you Tom for this awesome footage of our new urban combat field! We hope to see you all before Action Packed Paintball is closed for the winter (Don't worry we'll be back in the spring!). Be sure to like us on Facebook and get updates…

9 years ago