June 8th is Best Friend Day

Best Friend Day

Best friend day is June 8th! It’s an opportunity¬†to thank your friends for being the awesome people they are.

Hit your friends up on facebook, or send them a text,¬†and let them know you appreciate them. Make plans to spend a day with them. Take them out to dinner, spend an afternoon with them, or take them out to do something fun… like paintball!

We’ll be open this weekend for walk-on play. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a group of friends and enjoy some of the best paintball Minnesota has to offer. Don’t worry if your friends have never played paintball before. We use a low impact, “no pain”, version of paintball that’s perfect for new players. We also separate our rental players from players who have their own paintball guns, so you don’t have to worry about playing against more experienced players.