Best Gear for Playing Outdoors

Best Gear for Playing Outdoors

You’re probably wondering what the best gear for playing outdoors is. If you’re a first-time player, you probably don’t have your own paintball equipment.  So, let’s walk through the basics of what you’ll need to bring with you and what to wear.


Good footwear is important. You’ll be playing out in the woods, so you’ll want to wear something with good traction. I recommend hiking boots, if you have them. They’re designed for the terrain you’ll be playing in and most are at least water-resistant–a useful feature if it has rained recently.  If you don’t have hiking boots, grab a pair of old tennis shoes or cleats. Bring an extra pair of shoes for the trip home.


When dressing for paintball, dress in layers. Most players have a tendency to overdress, in hopes of reducing the impact they’ll feel when hit by a paintball. While this is good in theory, paintball is a strenuous sport. You’ll find yourself quickly overheating if your clothing is too heavy.

In the summer, I recommend wearing a pair of long pants and a long t-shirt. In the spring and fall, I recommend adding a sweatshirt over the long t-shirt. If you’re concerned about the impact of a paintball, consider renting a chest protector.  The field also has camouflage jumpsuits available for rent that will protect your clothing.


Grab a beanie or knit hat to keep the paint out of your hair.  It doesn’t need to be thick, as our rental masks will completely cover the top and back of your head.