Celebrities Playing Paintball

The Minnesota Vikings

Several of the Minnesota Vikings have been to our facility to play paintball. They’ve made it an annual event. Even Victor the Viking joined in the fun.

David Beckham – Professional Soccer Player

David Beckham took his son and some friends out to Hollywood Sports Park in California to celebrate his son’s 13th birthday.

celebrities playing paintball

William Shatner – Actor

Yep, William Shatner has played paintball. In fact, he’s not only played paintball, he’s actually commanded a paintball scenario called Splat Attack.

Other Celebrities

The list of celebrities who’ve played paintball is long, far too long for us to include here. Here are some other notable celebrities who’ve been sighted on paintball fields across the world.

  • Channing Tatum
  • Bruce Willis
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Paul Walker
  • Ashton Kutcher