Different Paintball Games To Play

different paintball games to play

Our refs have many different paintball games to play. Games vary from simple elimination to more complex games that require teamwork. Here are some of our most popular paintball games.


Players are divided into two teams. The two teams start at opposite ends of the playing field. The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents before they eliminate your team. A player is considered eliminated when a paintball breaks on them, leaving behind a paint mark.

Capture the Flag

Similar to elimination, capture the flag adds the objective of capturing a flag from the opponent’s flag station. Teams can win the game by either capturing their opponent’s flag and returning to their base, or by eliminating all players from the opposing team.

Attack & Defend

In attack and defend, players are divided into two teams–an attacking team and a defending team. The attacking team is typically a larger force than the defending team. The defending team is tasked with defending a fortified bunker for a set amount of time. The attacking team can win the game by eliminating the defenders within the time limit. Only one player of the defending team needs to survive to be considered the winner.


The game of president begins with one player being designated as the president. The remaining players are divided into two groups–the secret service and the attackers. To win the game, the secret service must get the president to a designated location. The attacking team can win the game by eliminating the president before he reaches the designated location.

These are just some of the different paintball games that can be played during your paintball session. Each of our refs knows a wide variety of games that they can put together for your group. If there is a particular game you would like to play, just ask your ref. They will be happy to set up the game for you.