Dirty Paintball Tricks

Dirty Paintball Tricks

The use of dirty paintball tricks isn’t for the faint of heart. However, every paintball warrior should have a few tricks in mind to get the best of their opponent…or best friend. They say all is fair in love and war. Well this is war, my friend.

Faking A Gun Malfunction

You can lure your opponent into an ambush by faking a gun malfunction. Faking a gun malfunction can be as simple as yelling out that your gun isn’t working. An attentive opponent might take the bait and use the opportunity to advance on your position. You can catch them out in the open for an easy elimination. You can also coordinate your ruse with a teammate┬áto improve your odds of tagging your prey.

An Army Of One

Fool your opponent into thinking you’re part of a larger force by giving instructions to your non-existent teammate. Statements like, “he’s over there”, and “cover my right side while I watch your left”, will cause your opponent to think twice about moving forward. This is a great tactic to use when you’re outnumbered and time is short. Keeping your opponent at bay for a minute can be all you need to win a game.

The Value Of A Quarter

Never underestimate the value of a quarter. Yes, the lowly quarter, that coin that lurks in cars and couches everywhere. You wouldn’t think a quarter has much use on a paintball field. You’d be wrong.

This is a tactic that requires stealthiness as it needs to be done before your next game. Be sneaky and slip that quarter in your opponent’s hopper. You see, a quarter is just large enough not to fall down into the gun, but it’s big enough to stop paintballs from feeding into the gun. Due to it’s size and weight, quarter will quickly work it’s way to the bottom of the hopper, covering the hole that lets paintball into the gun. Most victims will notice their gun isn’t firing properly and will shake their gun to get it to feed. The quarter will move out of the way just long enough for a few paintballs to feed into the gun, then it will slide back into place. This will frustrate your opponent, giving you an opportunity to take them out. This is a great trick to play on an unsuspecting bachelor.