1/2 Price Grenades

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It’s not too late to get in a few games of paintball before the outdoor season ends! To heat things up a bit we are offering 2-4-1’s on both smoke and paint grenades until the end of the month!Come and play discounted paintball any weekend before November for only $25 per player and grab a few grenades to paint or smoke out the competition!

paint and smoke grenades

Action Packed will be shutting down for the season after October 30th. Get your fill of fun before it’s too cold! Take your pick of 8 different battlefields and get to shooting!

Play at Minnesota’s best outdoor park and take advantage of this month’s promotion.


Experience the rush of the game without the pain! Learn more about the newest way to play called low impact paintball. Want to upgrade your rental package? Want to smoke out the competition or even paint them head to toe? Be sure to check out our smoke and paint grenades available at check in!

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Want to schedule you party for this day? Book your group today with no deposit or sign in to let us know you’re coming! For more information call us at 952-492-6776!