Holiday paintball fun – July 4th Weekend

Holiday Paintball Fun – July 4th Weekend

Celebrate the July 4th weekend with a snap crackle and a pop! Indulge in holiday paintball fun at Splatball in Minneapolis! Treat your children, friends and family to an exciting day of holiday paintball fun! We know that the Fourth of July isn’t all about fireworks, cook outs, friends and relaxation. Independence Day marks our calendars every year on the day the U.S. unified as a nation.

On this day every year our nation celebrates the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. This day is full of excitement and has become the perfect holiday to be original with the kids! Pick out something new, fun, entertaining and perfect for the whole family! Grab a low impact paintball gun and have a blast this Fourth of July!

Holiday Paintball Fun - Minnesota

Low impact paintball is quickly becoming a popular activity for all ages and family members. Unfortunately, we are unable to host your paintball endeavors because we will be closed on July 4th and July 5th to spend time with our families too. BUT!!! Splatball in Minneapolis is OPEN for our convenience! Splatball is Minneapolis’s number one paintball park with 15,000 square feet of indoor holiday paintball fun! Splatball also offers a full paintball retail shop, party area and spectator friendly viewing area! Walk in anytime when they are open and play low impact paintball! Save some coin and check out their awesome Independence Day Special! Let them know where you found out about the deal!


Splatball play paintball on July 4th Special


Step out of the norm and into the video game this july 4th! After the rush of paintball go get your fill of firework action in the twin cities with your friends and or family! Make your Independence Day memorable with holiday paintball fun! Paintballs don’t stain, clothing washes out, but fun memories last forever! Have exciting and safe fourth of July from your friends at Action Packed Paintball Games!

*Splatball will close at 6 PM Saturday July 4th, normal Splatball hours July 3rd & 5th.

*Action Packed Paintball will resume normal hours on July 6th