Indoor Vs. Outdoor Paintball in Minnesota

Outdoor paintball in Minnesota is played on a variety of fields. Most outdoor fields are at least an acre and some are several acres. With bigger spaces, a higher level of fitness is required. These bigger fields lend themselves to larger groups of players, and allow the formation of bigger teams. However, even within outdoor paintball there are different types of fields available.

For true paintball enthusiasts, the game is good whether it is indoors or outdoors. The excitement won’t differ too much, but different fields require different strategies and thus the gameplay changes. Every player has the preference based on what aspects of the game they most enjoy. Another contributing factor to whether indoor or outdoor games are the right fit include how many players are participating and what season it is, especially in Minnesota.

Speedball is a kind of paintball that can be played indoors or outdoors and requires a smaller field and specific structures. For players who like a fast paced game, speedball is perfect. Woodsball, on the other hand, is a term used for paintball games that are played in natural, less developed areas. These are usually the largest playing fields available for outdoor paintball in Minnesota. For players who enjoy being in nature and coping with the natural environment, woodsball will prove more fun. Here at Action Packed Paintball we have both.

For those looking for indoor paintball in Minnesota, the best thing to do is get online and look at reviews of local fields. Just like outdoor fields, indoor play areas can vary greatly in their design. Depending on what kind of game is desired, different fields offer different experiences indoor paintball in Minnesota. We recommend either Splatball in Minneapolis or Air Assault Paintball in St. Paul.