Jobs at ActionPacked Paintball

Jobs at Action Packed Paintball

Paintball Jobs at Action Packed Paintball

Are you looking for a job near the Twin Cities? Do you like to work outdoors? Maybe a outdoor paintball job is perfect for you! We are interested in hiring friendly, dependable and hard working individuals to create the best paintball experience for all of our customers. Action Packed Paintball strives to findĀ responsible, honest and trustworthy people to provide great customer service to paintball players that play at our paintball park. We are currently hiring paintball referees and entry level management positions. If you are interested in obtaining any jobs at Action Packed Paintball please feel free to fill out anĀ application online on on location and drop it off at our front counter at your convenience. Become a part of Minnesota’s premiere paintball park today!

Interested in working here but worried that paintballs hurt? Action Packed Paintball Games is the only outdoor paintball park to offer no pain paintball! The newest paintball technology has came to MN to supply more fun on the paintball field! Both players and referees are now able to get the ultimate paintball experience with less sting!

Paintball Job Description:

The referee position may range from part time to full time with hours ranging from 5 to 40 hours a

week. Scheduled hours may depend available on work load, scheduled events, pending reservations and

personal performance. Referees are responsible for ensuring the customers have an excellent

experience. Referees have one of the most influential jobs at the paintball park because they will be

interacting face to face with customers for the duration of the day. Referees priorities include providing

the best no pain paintball experience while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere.

jobs at Action Packed Paintball

To apply for jobs at ActionPacked Paintball just print the form found in the above image, fill it out and drop it off at our paintball park front desk. If you have any questions about the application or employee responsibilities please call us at 952-492-6776.