Outdoor Paintball in MN

Outdoor Paintball In MN

outdoor paintball in mn

If you’re looking for outdoor paintball in MN, there’s no need to look any further than Action Packed Paintball Games in Jordan, MN. At Action Packed Paintball, you’ll find everything you’d expect at a great outdoor paintball field.

Low Impact Paintball

We are the only outdoor paintball in MN that provides a low impact version of paintball. Low impact paintball use the same equipment as traditional paintball but uses a smaller paintball. The smaller paintball means the impact of the paintball is much less painful than traditional paintball. To learn more about low impact paintball, check out this article from Paintball Minnesota.

8 Great Playing Fields

Action Packed Paintball has a unique selection of outdoor paintball fields. Each field has a different theme, giving players a new experience on each paintball field. Our fields include:

Firebase Alpha – A military themed map that’s perfect for an attack and defend game.

City of Tombstone – Battle from building to building in this Old West themed map.

The Jungle – Navigate through the cover of a forest to flank your opponent and accomplish your objective. This field is classic outdoor paintball in MN.

Pictures and a complete description of all our playing fields can be found on our paintball fields page.

Party and Picnic Area

One of the things that makes Action Packed Paintball the home to the best outdoor paintball in MN is our party and picnic area. You’ll find our covered party areas are perfect for your birthday party or bachelor party. Charcoal grills are available if you want to make it a day of paintball. Bring in your favorite foods to grill, such as hamburgers or hot dogs, and enjoy free use of our grills. Concessions are also available on-site.

Rental Equipment

Another thing that makes our facility the best outdoor paintball in MN is our rental options for new players. We are a full outfitter with some of the best rental gear available. Our rental options include:

  • Tippmann FT-50 semi-automatic paintball marker
  • Planet Eclipse Etek semi-automatic paintball marker
  • Tactical Vests – provide storage for additional ammo and also protect your torso.
  • Camouflage Jumpsuits
  • Padded Gloves