New Outdoor Paintball Facility Party Pavilions!

Minnesota’s Premiere Outdoor Paintball Park!

Outdoor paintball facility

Action Packed’s outdoor paintball facility just got even better! Schedule your next birthday party, youth group, bachelor or bachelorette party and take advantage of shade shelters right next to the playing fields! These player pavilions are great for cake, pizza, strategy sessions and of course shade! Groups now have the comfort of staging under these shelters at our outdoor paintball park. As the Twin Cities best paintball field continues to grow so do our amenities.

Action Packed Outdoor Paintball Amenities:


  • Indoor/ outdoor staging available
  • Shaded party pavilions
  • Picnic tables with grills
  • Paved parking lot [/zilla_one_half][zilla_one_half_last]
  • Experienced paintball employees and staff
  • Indoor restrooms
  • Concessions
  • 8 playing fields (80 acres)
  • FREE WI-FI[/zilla_one_half_last]

Best outdoor paintball parkShare and make new memories with your family and friends at our state-of-the-art outdoor paintball park – designed with the video game in mind! Play behind ammo crates, in buildings, from sniper towers and more! Our premiere outdoor paintball facility is Minnesota’s only true outdoor low impact paintball facility! If you were ever worried about the pain associated with paintball? Worry no more! Action Packed Paintball now offers no-pain paintball by using smaller and lighter paint balls. Action Packed Paintball Games is always improving and focusing on the player experience. If you have any suggestions for the facility be sure to check out our Facebook Page or drop off a suggestion at the front counter!