Paintball Equipment Rental

paintball equipment rental

Enjoy low priced paintball equipment rental

Looking for a facility with paintball equipment rental? Then Action Packed is the place for you. One reason why more people do not play paintball is because they do not think that they have the right equipment to play. Unless you are a serious player, it is not likely that you own CO2 cartridges and a paintballs, but that does not mean that you should not play. Instead, it just means that you need to find a full service park to play at like Action Packed Paintball Games where paintball equipment rental is part of the package.

At Action Packed Paintball Games everything that you could possibly need is available for rental from paintballs to CO2 to compressed air. Plus, compressed air is sold at a flat rate to players so the longer you play the better deal you will get! Those that are serious about playing paintball might want to think about purchasing a season pass which comes with discounts on paintball equipment rental making it even more affordable to consider playing on a regular basis.

Outside of the great low prices on paintball equipment rental, thousands of people from all over the greater Twin Cities region regularly head to Action Packed Paintball Games because of their great outdoor parks.  Walk-in sessions are available on weekends.  In addition, reservations are available any time from dusk to dawn all week making it the perfect location for any type of party or gathering as well.