Action Packed Paintball Games Reopening Spring 2016!

Action Packed Paintball Games will be reopening Spring 2016 with even more changes than 2015! We will be providing players more specials, events, discounts and of course new battlefields! Follow us through the season on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for facility updates! Until the snow melts and the ground is solid, check out Air Assault Paintball in St. Paul or Splatball in Minneapolis. Both paintball locations are equipped with low impact paintball equipment and are all climate controlled year round. Visit for more information on the best indoor paintball in the state!


Reopening Spring 2016

Action Packed Paintball Games hopes to bring new paintball fields to the park next year. Our current plans include changing all existing fields boundaries, configuration and of course add more obstacles! We hope to offer a wider variety of fields as well as new paintball games next year. Action Packed will be revamping the speed ball field for our local competitive players to enjoy as well as clearing out a wooded field for our scenario paintball players. We want to know what the players want! Shoot us an email at or write on our Facebook Page and let us know what you would like us to build for when we reopen in the spring.