Paintball in the Twin Cities

paintball twin cities

Paintball Twin Cities

Seeking fun things to do like Paintball in the Twin Cities? There are many fun ideas that can be found for friends to do. What paintball offers are not only great for a few people, but can be a great adventure for large groups also. Everyone can join in for some action-fueled fun.

Playing in large groups makes it more fun, but people who play in groups also have the advantage of receiving big discounts towards their game time. By having the lower rates, it allows for everyone to have a good time with what paintball Twin Cities has to offer you.

To go right along with the group play, it is also a good idea to consider season passes if you happen to love this game a lot. Season passes are just another great way to enjoy the game and get even more discounts on top of that. Since this is one of the games that can be played come rain or shine season passes are well worth it. Even during the really cold days there are inside fields and arenas that are available at our other nearby locations. This especially makes a great idea for fun no matter what the weather conditions hold.

When it comes to the choice of equipment, it is fairly easy. You can actually bring your own items like protective vests, eye wear, paint guns, and a kit for fixing your paint gun as needed. Using regulation paint is a necessity and is provided on premises. You also have the option of either renting or purchasing your equipment on site as well. This makes it easy for first timers looking to get in on the action.

Walk-ins are also okay for anyone as well. There are usually other players who may be in the same boat so it makes it really easy to find enough for paintball Twin Cities offers to everyone.

Here at Action Packed Paintball we can support groups of 150+. We are capable of running private games Seven days a week, morning until sundown. Contact us at 952-492-6776 if you have any questions or you would like to host a party or to reserve a time for private play. Please phone ahead of time as advanced booking is required.