Paintball Jordan

paintball jordan

Paintball is a Great Activity for Groups or Individuals

Action Packed Paintball in Jordan is the best paintball facility in Minnesota. Are you looking for a unique place to have a party or simply hang out for a while? If so Action Packed Paintball is the place you are looking for. Paintball is fun for both small and large groups, allowing teams to engage in friendly competition. Since paintball is a team-based sport, it is also great for individuals to make new friends. Action Packed Paintball allows walk on play for individuals and groups smaller than eight.

Although there are many facilities throughout the Twin Cities for paintball, Jordan based Action Packed Paintball is the perfect choice for either individual players or groups. One of the reasons for this is that Action Packed Paintball has 8 different themed fields. You can choose to play in a Western ghost town, the jungle or a Civil War battlefield. You can also choose to play on the classic play field or the speedball field. In addition, the experienced and friendly staff will make sure that you have a fun and safe experience.

Paintball is played with special guns that use compressed carbon dioxide to shoot paintballs at the opposing team. Although rules can vary, usually a player is considered “hit” if the paintball splatters and leaves a mark quarter-sized or larger. The playing fields will have various obstacles as well as trees or other structures for players to hide behind. The winning team is the team that has the most points.

Action Packed Paintball is open from dawn to dusk and wants to help you have a fun experienced. If you reserve a field for your group, you will be assigned a party host to explain the rules and conduct a safety meeting. You and members of your group can bring your own equipment or rent equipment from Action Packed Paintball.

You can reserve a field for the entire day if you would like, 7 days a week at Action Packed Paintball, Jordan MN’s favorite outdoor paintball facility. Simply call 952-492-6776 to make your reservation today.