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Action Packed Paintball Fields in MN

Action Packed paintball fields MN

Action Packed Paintball Games is Minnesota’s #1 paintball destination located Southwest of Minneapolis in Jordan, MN. Let us supply you with the ultimate outdoor paintball experience! We make organizing a birthday party, family outing, bachelor party or company event simple! Plan a party that your friends and family won’t forget!

Play discount paintball near you today on 8 different outdoor paintball fields in MN! Get a serious dose of adrenaline playing in buildings, behind ammo crates or on top of towers with low impact paintball for kids and adults!

#1 – Tombstone

paintball park mn

* Outmaneuver your competition in the city while battling from room-to-room and building to building to take over the town!

#2 – Crates

paintball field mn

* Battle base to base through a field of ammunition crates, boxes and barrels!

#3 – Fire Base

paintball field mn

* It was a FIRE FIGHT! Your base is surrounded and the only way to win is to survive!

#4 – Civil War

Paintball MN Civil War* The only thing between you and the enemy is wide open field!

#5 – Speedball

Cool-Jordan-Paintball* Get a fastpaced adrenaline rush on the 2016 National XBall League inflatable paintball field! (Limited availability)

#6 – Jungle

Outdoor Paintball Minneapolis MN* Deep in the overgrown jungle, players will have to use minimal trees and brush as cover in close combat!

#7 – Woodsball

Paintball Fields MN woodsball

* Classic paintball in the woods! Use the tree cover, trail brush, sandbags and wooden walls to plan an attack!

#8 – Badlandz

Paintball Fields MN building

* This map frequently comes down to who will been seen first and who will survive. Field full of sand bags and ammo cases for cover!

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Action Packed Paintball MN 3Note: Action Packed Paintball Games is constantly upgrading and updating it’s paintball park. Please beware that all paintball fields may not be in rotation each week.