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paintball stores

Action Packed Paintball

Looking for paintball stores and rentals in Minnesota? Having the correct equipment to play paintball can help you win as well as keep you safe. You could always go to other paintball stores and spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on paintball equipment. But why buy your own paintball supplies from the many expensive paintball stores around Minneapolis and Twin Cities area when you can just rent them from us for a very low price. Our premiere outdoor paintball park offers low prices for our equipment and games. While other paintball stores will charge you hundreds of dollars for a paintball gun, we offer value packs so that you can have fun without going broke.

Paintball is a fun activity for individuals or groups. It is a thrilling, adrenaline packed game that focuses on teamwork and leadership. The general rules of paintball are to hit your opponent with a paintball. It has to break on them for the opponent to be eliminated. Any item attached to the person can be hit to eliminate them. However, if the paintball hits an object and the paint gets on your opponent, that is not considered a hit but a splatter. One of the most common paintball games is capture the flag. In this game you steal the other team’s flag and carry it back to your base. This game requires teamwork and a good strategic plan to win.

Reserving a spot is very easy whether you are coming alone or in a group. For individual play we have walk on days Saturday and Sundays. For groups we have group options for birthdays, bachelor parties, youth groups and corporate events. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. So if you have a specific day in mind it is best to call as early as possible to ensure your spot.