Why Choose Outdoor Paintball

Why Choose Outdoor Paintball

When somebody says the word, “paintball”, what comes to mind? Maybe you imagine skulking around in the woods, quietly stalking your prey. Or maybe you imagine yourself as a paintball sniper quietly hiding in the bushes, waiting for your unsuspecting opponent to fall into your ambush.

That is what makes choosing outdoor paintball so great.Whatever format you can imagine can come to life at an outdoor paintball field. With outdoor paintball, you’re not limited to one room or one paintball field. Most outdoor paintball fields have a variety of playing fields to choose from. As one of the oldest outdoor paintball fields in Minnesota, we’ve built up the widest variety of playing fields in the Twin Cities. We offer everything from traditional paintball in the woods to all-out CQB battles on our city field.

Greater Variety of Paintball Games

Another advantage to playing paintball outdoors is the different paintball games that can be played on an outdoor paintball field. The playing fields are typically larger than what you’d find at an indoor paintball field, so there’s more room to maneuver around your opponent. Game objectives can vary from the traditional capture the flag format to mission-based objectives.

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A popular outdoor paintball game is “President”. In President, one player is selected to be the president. The objective of the game is for his team of secret service agents to escort him across the field without the president being shot. The game is won when the president reaches the objective.

Outdoor Party Area

An outdoor party area is great for parties that want to enjoy a full day of paintball. Covered party areas give groups the chance to cool down between games or enjoy a picnic lunch of sandwiches and birthday cake. Larger paintball fields typically have grills available for birthday parties or bachelor parties that want to have a cookout during their party.