Why Play Outdoors?

“Should we play paintball outdoors or indoors?” That’s a question we sometimes get asked. Obviously, the time of year can have a big impact. The outdoor paintball season in Minnesota typically runs from April through October.

why play outdoorsOutdoor paintball has something indoor paintball simply can’t offer–large play areas. A larger play area gives players the ability to maneuver around their opponents. If you’re good, or maybe just lucky, you can work around your opponent and catch them off-guard. There is no sweeter victory than circling around your opponent and taking them out from behind. If you’re really good, you can get close enough to offer a chance to surrender and watch them jump out of their skin.

Another advantage of outdoor paintball is that you’ll have a variety of fields to play paintball. No two fields play the same, so every game is a new challenge. You’ll find yourself spending more time at an outdoor field. Most groups spend about 3-4 hours when playing paintball outdoors.

Our paintball facility in Jordan, MN has grills available for use, so consider bringing along something to eat and make a day of it. Hot dogs and burgers are always a crowd pleaser. Bratwursts are our personal favorite. There’s nothing better than spending a warm summer day outside.

Of course the weather can sometimes present a challenge and we all know the weather in Minnesota can be a bit unpredictable. That’s why we have a covered area that groups can find shelter under, should a spring shower pop up. Fortunately it’s rare that an entire day is a rain out. We play rain or shine, stopping only when severe weather is in the area. When that happens, we’ll take a break and let the weather pass. It’s never long before we’re able to resume playing paintball.

If outdoor paintball just isn’t your thing, or you’re worried your special event might get rained out, check out one of our indoor paintball fields near Minneapolis or St. Paul. Regardless of which location you choose, we’re proud to provide the best paintball fields in Minnesota.