Winter Paintball

Winter paintball

Want to play winter paintball? Want to play paintball outside? Why play outside in the wet and cold when you can play paintball indoors? Playing paintball outside in the winter is no fun. Paintballs don’t shoot straight, rental equipment freezes up and goggles fog up. Good news is Action Packed Paintball Games enjoys playing paintball all year round indoors and outdoors.

Have more fun during the winter with your paintball party at one of our affiliated indoor paintball courses. Play low impact paintball indoors at Splatball in Minneapolis, MN or Air Assault in St. Paul, MN. Both locations are similar in pricing and are a guaranteed fun time! Hide behind inflatable hummers, castles, ammo crates, tanks, tires, walls and more. For more information on Splatball or Air Assault Paintball check out our Facebook page!